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What Others Have Said About How The Gut-Brain Solution Has Transformed Their Lives…



Hi Sarah, 
The Gut Solutions package has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I've implemented numerous suggestions made by the presenters... Having the videos available to review whenever I want or need to continues to be one of my best investments in life. My husband has reversed his diabetes and both of us have improved our blood pressure. I have lost 20 pounds, have no more knee pain, and sleep more restfully than I have in years. I share the information with everyone who is willing to listen, and just wish there was a way even more people could know how to take these steps to change their lives and stop suffering. Thanks again for all you're doing.
Sincerely, Eleanor



Here is my victory lap!
I am a 61 year old woman, and I have had a very healthy diet (vegetarian for 45 years) and lifestyle (lots of exercise, little stress) for years, but have still had minor digestive issues, inflammation in joints, and bad skin – with breakouts like a teenager. The results were amazing! My digestion and skin issues cleared up with in days of quitting those products. My skin has not been this clear since I was a child.


Would You Like To…

– Wake up every morning feeling healthy and strong?

– Be free from anxiety, depression, moodiness, or brain fog?

– Have natural, effortless energy, clearer skin, and better sleep?

– Go out and enjoy your life… without bellyaches, digestive problems, or other gut conditions plaguing you? 

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, then keep reading...


Create a custom blueprint for your health.

Imagine having a personalized own set of go-to tools science-backed protocols for optimal health – both physical and mental.

The Gut-Brain Solution offers the best education, training & resources to repair your gut & restore your mind.


The Gut-Brain Solution Platinum Plan


 The complete digital program PLUS 12 gifts


  • All 9 Episodes of The Gut-Brain Solution (Online)
  • PLUS: Episode Transcripts (Downloadable)
  • PLUS: Episode Audio MP3 Tracks (Downloadable)
  • PLUS: “The Gut-Brain Solution Virtual Health Retreat: 9-Week Interactive Workbooks” (Online Access)
  • PLUS: Replays of 50+ Featured Expert Calls (Online)
  • PLUS: Dr. Peter Bongiorno's "Advanced Protocols For Better Mental Health" Mini Course (Online Access)
  • PLUS: The Gut-Brain Cookbook (Downloadable)
  • PLUS: Full-Length Interviews (Online)
  • PLUS: Full-Length Interviews Transcripts (Downloadable)
  • PLUS: The Microbiome + Immunity Masterclass (Online)
  • PLUS: "The Gut-Healing Kitchen" Videos & Recipes (Online)
  • PLUS: "Hormone Balancing Yoga" Video Series
  • PLUS: A certificate of completion when you finish The Gut-Brain Solution



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The Gut-Brain Solution Platinum Plan Includes:

All 9 Episodes of The Gut-Brain Solution (digital)


Episode 1: Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain & Better Solutions for Anxiety & Depression


Episode 2: A New Paradigm For Mental Health: Why Drugs Don’t Always Work & Solutions To Start Feeling Better Today


Episode 3: Food For Thought: Ingredients For A Healthy Gut & Balanced Mind


Episode 4: Too Much Of A Good Thing: Balance Your Mood With Proven Solutions For SIBO & Candida


Episode 5: How To Eat: Protect Your Gut From Stress & Anxiety With Simple Solutions For Reflux, Bloating & Constipation


Episode 6: Metabolism & Moods: Lift Depression & Soothe Anxiety With Solutions For Obesity, Diabetes & Low Thyroid


Episode 7: Toxicity & The Brain: Heal Your Liver & Improve Your Mood With Detox Solutions For Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins & Mold


Episode 8: Autoimmunity, Genetics & Mental Health: Saving The Brain From Inflammation


Episode 9: Reclaiming Your Center: Restorative Solutions For Better Moods, Sound Sleep & A Happy Gut


Normally $294



You'll Also Receive:


Episode Transcripts

We all learn in different ways so that’s why we want you to have the written transcripts from all 9 episodes. Reading is proven to reinforce information and the information in this program can be quite technical. These transcripts are an invaluable resource to have at your disposal. Read at your own pace to gain a deeper understanding and reinforce important concepts. The more you understand about the gut-brain connection – the better you’ll be able to help others!


Episode Audio MP3 Tracks

Think about how much more information you would retain if you had the ability to listen to the content on the go? Whether you are traveling, on a road trip, going out on walks, hitting the gym, or winding down at night – listen to the audio format to fit the content into your schedule. Having these audio tracks ensures you can consume the information, no matter where you are.



And Here Is What You'll Also Receive When You Order Today:





9-Week Masterclass Workbooks

When you choose to own the series today, you’ll experience a whole nine weeks of support! You’ll receive 9 written workbooks, walking you through each step of The Gut-Brain Solution program.

Each of the 9 workbooks has been carefully crafted to help you create a customized gut-health program, guiding you step-by-step on how to implement the protocols you’ll be learning about in the episodes. This takes the guesswork out of putting these concepts to use in your life and saves you all of the trouble of figuring out which step to take next.

You’ll get access to this incredible 9-week workshop-style program. We created these workbooks because we didn’t want to serve you all this information in the masterclass, then leave you all alone to figure it all out!



Workbook 1: Heal Your Gut To Overcome Anxiety & Depression 

For hundreds of years, we have believed mental health resided entirely in the brain. However, in the last decade, there’s been an explosion of research showing just how critically important the gut is to human health – not just our physical health but also our mental health. In our first week, we will explore the emerging science behind “leaky gut” and how this condition can lead to inflammation throughout the body – including the brain. We’ll learn about the causes of leaky gut and examine ways we can address leaky gut through the foundational practices of diet, lifestyle, and supplements.



Workbook 2: How To Support A Healthy Gut With Probiotics and Fermented Foods & Discover Natural Solutions For Anxiety And Depression

Modern medicine has often been reductionistic in its approach to treating mental health—only looking at what’s happening in the brain. Practitioners are now beginning to realise it’s important to take a holistic approach to treat mental health. In week 2, we will look at how you can naturally restore healthy chemical balance in the brain by repopulating the microbiome with probiotics and fermented foods. We will also share herbal and nutritional supplements for anxiety and depression as well as simple at-home practices you can do starting today to help boost your happy hormones.



Workbook 3: Get Past Food Sensitivities & Create Your Personalized Good Mood Meal Plan

During our third week, we will address the all-important topic of what to eat for optimal mental health. There is no denying the strong correlation between the foods we eat and how we feel. It is essential we nourish our brain with all of the nutrients it needs to thrive, along with eating the right foods for a healthy gut. However, there is no “one size fits all” approach to gut health. Food sensitivities can cause negative reactions to even healthy foods, leading to leaky gut, inflammation, and “leaky brain.” That’s why, in week 3, you will begin to create a personalised meal plan based upon your body and mind’s response to foods.



Workbook 4: Balance Your Mood With Proven Solutions for SIBO & Candida 

Many people who have depression and/or anxiety also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, otherwise known as SIBO, accounts for 60-70% of diagnosed IBS cases. Small intestinal fungal overgrowth, otherwise known as SIFO, is another common gut imbalance that is found in a large percentage of cases of SIBO. The most common fungal overgrowth is candida overgrowth. Both of these bacterial and fungal imbalances cause inflammation as well as nutrient malabsorption which can have a huge impact on our mental health. Until we learn how to correct these imbalances in the gut, we will not be able to support our mental health.



Workbook 5: Resolve Reflux & Boost Your Digestive Power To Nourish Your Brain & Restore Your Gut

Healthy digestion is vital for a healthy mind. We must be able to break down and absorb the nutrients in our food for our brain to be at its best. Unfortunately, people who suffer from anxiety often have impaired digestive function. This week we will explore how to address certain conditions such as reflux that can affect our digestion, impair our ability to absorb nutrients, and hence affect our mental health. We’ll look at optimising digestion through dietary habits as well as what to do if you suffer from constipation.



Workbook 6: Balance Your Blood Sugar & Restore Your Thyroid To Lose Weight & Feel Better

Dysregulated blood sugar has a direct and immediate impact on our moods and behavior. It also causes us to store energy as fat, particularly around the abdomen. Excess fat that is stored in the body is a steady source of inflammation which can create and perpetuate depression. By learning to maintain balanced blood sugar, you can lose excess weight, trim stubborn belly fat, reduce inflammation, and break free from your mental health challenges. In week 6, we’ll explore the dynamic relationship between metabolic regulation and mental health. And you’ll learn how to apply the secrets to lose weight, balance your moods, and feel better in your body through healthy weight management, stable blood sugar, and optimal thyroid function.



Workbook 7: Toxicity & the Brain: Detoxify your Way To A Healthier Gut & Happier Mind 

In week 7, we explore toxicity in its many forms and look at how toxins in the body affect the way we think, feel, and behave. You might be surprised to learn that every single day we encounter countless toxins as we go about our everyday lives. So often neurological disorders are misdiagnosed, and the underlying toxic driver is not recognised. Heavy metal toxicity, stealth infections, and mold exposure have so often been mistaken as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other persistent conditions. This week we’re going to take a closer look at the specific toxic substances that we are likely to encounter and create an action plan to mitigate our exposure.



Workbook 8: Soothe Inflammation To Feel Better Now & Avoid Bigger Problems Later

Chronic inflammation is a common cause of brain fog, anxiety, and depression. Unresolved inflammation often disrupts the signaling of the immune system, resulting in the development of autoimmune diseases—including Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs)—that manifest in the gut. The good news is that simply by healing inflammation in the body, we can reverse the course of autoimmunity and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In this session, we’ll explore the mysteries of inflammation, and you’ll explore how inflammation may be manifest in your body—so you can create a customised blueprint to reduce it yourself.



Workbook 9: Restorative Solutions for Better Moods, Sound Sleep & A Happy Gut 

In our final week together, we will explore the topic of stress and the harmful effects it can have on our physical and mental wellbeing. We are all exposed to unavoidable stressors every day: emotional stress from worry and mental strain as well as physical stress from stealth infections, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, and toxic exposures. Unchecked, stress negatively impacts mental health and can exacerbate both depression and anxiety. A little-known fact is stress can lead to inflammation, which researchers have claimed drives between 75-90% of all human illnesses. While stress cannot be completely avoided, it is imperative to our health that we lessen the impact of stress on our bodies and minds as much as we can.




Our doctors address the most common health concerns of people just like you


Go behind closed doors in our doctors’ office – watch recorded Q+A sessions in this hand-curated library of videos. See how Doctors respond to people just like you! You’ll be surprised how many people are struggling with the same things as you… whether it be from constipation, diarrhea, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, difficulties sleeping, or hot flashes… our incredible doctors tackle these issues and much more in our recorded Q&As.


Total Value: $497

Your Price: FREE



Dr. Peter Bongiorno's 
"Advanced Protocols For Better Mental Health" Course



Advanced Protocols For Better Mental Health is your chance to take your understanding of mental health to the next level. Brought to you by Dr. Peter Bongiorno, a standard-setting expert and internationally sought-after teacher in the sphere of natural medicine for mental health, this 5-part online course grants you access to practitioner-level training for some of the most challenging causes of anxiety and depression. If you’re serious about mastering mental health, this course is for you.



Module 1: Mitochondria 

Healthy mitochondria are essential for a happy brain. That’s because the mitochondria produce all of the energy that fuels the body, and the brain uses more energy than any other organ. Poor mitochondrial function means the brain doesn’t have enough energy to do its job. For people predisposed to anxiety and depression, this can exacerbate symptoms and make it harder to feel good again. Learn natural ways to optimize your mitochondria to overcome anxiety, depression, fatigue, and brain fog.



Module 2: Genetics 

Depression can run in families, but it doesn’t have to. Researchers have long known that genes influence mental health. Specific DNA variations have been identified that increase the risk of autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and ADHD. The good news is that we can actually change the way our genes express. Find out how in module 2.



Module 3: Histamine

You probably know that histamine is the chemical that is associated with allergic reactions, but did you know that it’s also an important neurotransmitter? Histamine in the brain is vital for motivation and the achievement of goals. Histamine also regulates the levels of stress hormones and serotonin. People with gut problems can have too much histamine, which is associated with increased risks of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and dementia. Find out how to tell if high histamine levels are behind your mental health symptoms and learn how to restore balance in your body.



Module 4: Top Mood Supplements

Our brains cannot produce the chemicals we need to feel good if we don’t nourish the body with the appropriate vitamins and minerals. Nutrient deficiencies can contribute to the development of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Individualized supplement protocols have been shown to significantly improve mental health. Additionally, antidepressant drugs have been proven to be more effective when paired with certain nutritional supplements. Learn about the power of targeted supplementation for improving mental health and find out which supplements can help you today.



Module 5: Natural Therapies That Mimic Ketamine

In recent decades, ketamine has emerged as a popular pharmaceutical treatment for chronic depression. Ketamine inhibits excitatory processes in the brain and raises GABA, the calming neurotransmitter that reduces feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. While ketamine is considered effective for the short-term treatment of acute depressive episodes, it comes with undesirable side effects and is not intended for prolonged use. The good news is that we can use gentle, natural remedies to mimic the benefits of ketamine, without the drawbacks. Find out how to naturally calm the mind, reduce fear and anxiety, and relieve chronic depression.


Value: $247

Your Price: FREE



The Gut-Brain Cookbook


A happy brain starts with a healthy diet. Fuel your healing journey with a collection of recipes carefully designed to support optimal gut health and mental wellbeing. The hardest thing about starting a healthier diet is learning to cook with new ingredients. With the Gut-Brain Cookbook, we make it easy for you with delicious recipes that are fun and easy to put together. Eating healthy never tasted so good!


Enjoy Mouth-Watering Recipes Like:


  • Triple-Chocolate Vegan Brownies
  • Hemp and Fig Almond Butter Cookies
  • Blackberry and Chocolate Chia Pudding
  • Magnesium-packed Smoothie Bowl
  • Zucchini Noodles with Pistachio & Pumpkin Seed Pesto 
  • Choc Orange Hemp Protein Bars


Value: $47

Your Price: FREE



See What Others Say About How The Gut-Brain Solution Has Restored Their Lives…



This past week has seen the most improvement in 10 months and I'm hoping the trend continues. I know there’s more to do for myself – I need to make use of more Gut Solution's resources.
Thank you!



How can I thank you?
My mother has been suffering with 
Crohn's disease for over 23 years. Anything she tried didn't help her. She still had serious abdominal pain, diarrhea and nasty bloating. We bought the Platinum package from The Gut Solution and after she changed her diet completely and implemented ideas from the series. I can now happily report that my mom's bloating is down, her diarrhea stopped and most importantly her abdominal pain is gone. Her energy is through the roof. Smile is back on her face. I have my mom, my best friend, back. And all because of you, wonderful people. You have my eternal gratitude.


Access Even More Amazing Tools When You Order Today



The Microbiome + Immunity Masterclass


Immune health has never been more important than right now. And you can’t have a strong immune system if you don’t have a healthy gut. Find out how the microbiome affects the way your body responds to contagious diseases and learn how to resist passing infections (and chronic illness!) by fostering a healthier gut.


This 16-Module Course Will Teach You:

  • How your microbiome affects your immunity and overall health
  • The difference between a gut that invites disease and a gut that protects health
  • The things you are doing every day that weaken your immune system
  • Which tests you should ask your doctor for today
  • How to tell if you are vulnerable to disease
  • The foods to eat and the foods you must avoid to support your wellbeing
  • How common medicines are actually making us sicker
  • The single most important supplement for a healthy gut
  • How to prevent and reverse autoimmune disorders
  • The link between gut problems and weight gain, depression, and hormonal imbalance
  • How to embrace a lifestyle of health and wellness


Value: $197

Your Price: FREE



Full-Length Interviews & Transcripts


Imagine having the opportunity to have the leading experts in gut health, nutritional science, and mental wellbeing come to your home and teach you the latest strategies for optimizing your health… Well, now you can! Watch each and every full-length interview that went into the making of The Gut-Brain Solution. You’ll learn about all of the important topics that we just couldn’t fit into one masterclass and hear each expert’s complete ideas on the topics they are most passionate about. You receive more than 50 hours of unedited mental health advice from the top experts in the field.


Value: $180

Your Price: FREE



"The Gut-Healing Kitchen" Videos & Recipes 

Simple & Delicious Cooking Demonstrations & Recipes For Ultimate Health


The best way to make sustainable change in your health journey is to make it enjoyable! In this 13-part cooking series, we’ll teach you how to make delicious (and hormone-balancing) recipes the whole family will enjoy 

Presented by plant-based chef, Camila, and Talida (who recovered from severe hormone imbalance through delicious food – like Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies!), this video series helps you create a gut-friendly (and hormone-happy!) meal plan that works for you. Learn how to make over XX delicious recipes including YUMMY 1, YUMMY 2, and YUMMY 3.


Value: $67

Your Price: FREE


Hormone-Balancing Yoga Video Series


Did you know yoga can have an incredible impact on your hormones? It’s a natural inflammation fighter – during yoga, your brain releases chemicals to reduce stress and anxiety, such as  dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins, which are all “feel good” hormones. Our highly experienced yoga instructor Brooke will lead you in gentle but powerful yoga flows anyone can follow. Brooke overcame crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis through the power of yoga, which makes her style of teaching extremely effective for those facing similar health challenges. These 5 sessions will shortcut your path to success – and may just be the missing piece of your health ‘puzzle’.


Value: $47

Your Price: FREE



Total Value

Of The Gut-Brain Solution Platinum Plan:

Value: $1,576



Today’s Price: $197 (87.5% Discount)