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Access curated content for optimal gut health, including bite-sized videos, exclusive trainings and tutorials, tasty recipes and meal plans, and downloadable ebooks and guides



Get unlimited access to qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, a personal trainer, a plant-based chef, and doctors who are ready to answer your unique questions

Calls & Q&As

Calls & Q&As

Join private group coaching calls led by some of the world’s biggest names in the integrative medicine field



Have a strong support system inside our private moderated group, where you’ll meet people who understand your health struggles

Just a L🥰VE post to say how much I LOVE the INCREDIBLE workbooks, video and group content, LOVE the LIVE calls and SUPPORT– I’m truly just so, so thankful to have found this overall– so thank you to all who have worked so hard to create this well-rounded and genuine resource! Thank you for making it affordable. Thank you to all the doctors and practitioners and to all of you putting the content together and presenting it in such a digestible (haha) and meaningful way!!


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New Life-Changing Content & Mouth-Watering Recipes Added Every Week

Get the facts. We deliver new, science-backed content every week — created by our in-house team of naturopaths and nutritionists. Access carefully-researched lessons, bite-sized videos, simple meal plans, mouthwatering recipes, and bonus ebooks.

New Delicious Gut-Healing Recipes - Every Week!

‘Healthy’ doesn’t have to be bland. You’ll get access to our entire library of gut-loving recipes with instructions that even the most beginner of cooks can follow. Plus, you’ll get brand new, drool-worthy recipes delivered every single week! No more boring menus ever again!

Actionable Health & Nutrition Lessons

When you join the Goodness Lover Inner Circle, you can be sure you don’t miss out on the most important and life-changing information. We’ll send you weekly lessons on MUST-KNOW topics that can transform your life.

You’ll get weekly dispatches on topics like, what to eat for a healthy microbiome, top nutrients for immune support, how to optimize detoxification via your liver, how to reduce inflammation, and so much more.

With this cutting-edge information (with weekly action points!), you’ll stay vibrant and motivated to be your best YOU.

I feel extremely positive and thankful for this opportunity. There are a lot of diamonds here to mine even after all I’ve already learned. Thank you Goodness Lover and I encourage all to keep pushing!


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Easy-To-Digest Videos & Step-by-Step Tutorials

Watch our library of bite-sized but info-packed videos that you can easily binge-watch and/or consume at your own pace, covering a wide range of topics from gut health, mental health, hormones, skin, women’s health, and detoxification.

No Need to Leave Your House—Read and Watch from Any Device

Learn at your own pace using any device, whether that’s your phone, tablet, or computer.

Get Access To Condition-Specific Meal Plans

Candida meal plans, liver detox cleanse meal plans, anti-inflammatory diet meal plans – that’s just some of what you’ll get in your membership!

Download Bonus Gut Health Ebooks

Find ebooks you won’t be able to read elsewhere, covering various gut health topics like irritable bowel syndrome, the low FODMAP diet, and supplements for IBS, among others.

Dear Sarah, I thank God for YOU, Matt, Renee, all our wonderful doctors on the call and the community for giving me hope again, for helping me get my life back, for teaching me how to live right. Not just me alone, but my kids and my husband are all benefiting from this life-changing experience. I do not take for granted all you’re helping me with.

All I have learned from you in the last couple of weeks is much more than I paid for and it’s also much more than I have spent here in Nigeria trying to regain my health in the last four years. I wish I knew all these four years ago.

I greatly appreciate you and your wonderful team for all you do.

Thank you for giving us so much for so little 💗


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Ask Your Team of Natural Health Specialists Anything


Have your questions answered by naturopaths, nutritionists, a personal trainer, and a plant-based chefanytime, anywhere.

✔ Save money
How much would it cost you to consult with naturopaths, nutritionists, chefs, and a personal trainer? With your Inner Circle membership, you’ll have access to these experienced multidisciplinary experts inside our group for a tiny fraction of the individual professional rates you’d pay on your own. There’s no such thing as a silly question here, so ask away!

✔ Measure your progress in The Gut Solution
Integrate the changes you’re making in The Gut Solution in real time. Receive ongoing coaching and have health experts at your fingertips who can answer questions and help you track your progress during the program.

✔ Ensure you never fall for a fad
Tired of scouring the internet for reliable sources? In the face of conflicting studies, which one do you believe? Our coaches will not only answer your questions based on their expertise, but also lead you to the latest research in natural health.

Meet Your Team (They're Waiting For You!)

‘Healthy’ doesn’t have to be bland. You’ll get access to our entire library of gut-loving recipes with instructions that even the most beginner of cooks can follow. Plus, you’ll get brand new, drool-worthy recipes delivered every single week! No more boring menus ever again!

Katie is a caring naturopath & nutritionist who is ready to answer your questions! Not sure what could be causing your skin flair up? Not sure how to get more calcium in your diet? Ask away! She’s ready to help!

Camila is a vibrant plant-based chef and lifestyle medicine coach. She has the coveted ability to make healthy food absolutely mouth-watering – and can show you how to do the same! Join her teaching sessions & steal her new tasty recipes every week!

Renee is a savvy naturopath, nutritionist & herbalist who is ready to guide you on your journey! Not sure if a herb will conflict with your thyroid medications? Not sure what else to try to remedy your IBS? Ask away! There are no stupid questions here!

Jarrad is a qualified personal trainer and foodie who is here to motivate you to move and nourish your body! With fun exercise and meal ideas, he’ll help you move forward with creating new habits.

Want a Direct Line With World-Renowned Functional Medicine Doctors?


Be part of 1-hr monthly group calls with doctors & experts who will explain the science behind your condition and the practical steps you can take to address it.

Join monthly private Q&As

Each monthly live group Q&A call will feature a world-renowned doctor (who often has very long queues just to get booked for one consultation) who will cover crucial topics. Get coached from the best-of-the-best!

Watch call replays anytime

If you can’t make it to our live group calls, you won’t miss out on anything. Each call will be recorded and uploaded to your dashboard a day after.

I watched Dr. B.’s video yesterday evening and was so very very lucky to get my question about possible reflux answered! …Kind and thankful regards from a very happy Inner Circle member 😉


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Never Be Alone On Your Health Journey Again


Be part of a supportive community that will celebrate your wins with you and help keep you on track of your progress.

✔ Be part of an active & positive community

You’ll be surprised to find out how many people have the same struggles as you do. With every post in our Facebook group, you’ll get the encouragement, accountability, and support that’s absolutely crucial to your health journey – and getting results.

✔ Help your loved ones

Yes, you can subscribe even if it’s for your loved one! Find the answers you need on behalf of a friend or a family.

I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for this service. The amount of healing that has happened in 3 weeks seems to be on par with what I have accomplished in 3 years. I actually feel like I can leave the house and be a normal, functioning human. I am very thankful and look forward to even more healing. 🥰


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✔ Unlimited guidance from your team of coaches

✔ Monthly private live Q&A group calls

✔ Constant access to a supportive community

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*$1 for the first 14-day subscription. Discounted monthly rate $27/month thereafter. Cancel any time!


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